Am I making you hungry?

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If you follow my Facebook page, then you'll know that I post quite often with food photos. Over the last couple of years I have found myself in numerous restaurants around the Omaha metro. I have been fortunate enough to have a freelance job through a social media marketing company. I am looking to work with more companies like them to provide professional photography services for their clients. 

Night Flight PizzaNight Flight PizzaNight Flight Pizza Omaha

So much of what we look at online are pictures. The pictures that stand out in the endless scroll are bright, clean, and clear. These are done typically with more than just a cell phone. Many times there are additional lights that are used to get those images just right. When you're in a restaurant are your photos of the food clear and bright? Or are they dark and blurry?

Buffalo Wings & RingsBuffalo Wings & RingsBuffalo Wings & Rings I wasn't someone who felt the need to photograph my food to share with people online. Going into restaurants the first few times I was a bit nervous since I had very little food photography experience. Luckily I was able to get some well composed shots and was able to continue getting work. Since then I have grown to love doing food photography. I'm not a food stylist, so the chefs help me out with plating things so they look nice. 

Taj Indian & Chinese CuisineTaj Indian & Chinese CuisineTaj Indian & Chinese Cuisine It's always fun to meet new people and spend some time seeing just how much work goes into getting a plate of food out to you. It's also fun to photograph the cooks at work, chopping, stirring, tossing. When I am in the restaurant they are open for business, this means I am working fast to capture food sometimes as it goes out the door. This type of photography is a challenge that I am happy to take on.

I hope you enjoy seeing what local restaurants are cooking up and check them out sometime!

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