Customized Photos For Your Business

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Does your business use photos? Are they stock (you found them online or purchased from a photo site)? Did you know that using stock photos could actually hurt your business?

As a photographer it's fairly easy to find a photo to use with my social media posts and on my website. Although they aren't completely unique to my business, as the photos are also being used by the businesses featured in them, they have been customized. They were taken inside local businesses. Real places you can go to get coffee, food, art, car maintenance, and more. You might be familiar with some of the businesses and their owners, or some may be new that you haven't checked out yet. 

These business owners have taken a great step forward to getting customized images for their marketing needs. This includes their websites, social media, and print ads. These photos aren't taken on a cell phone where the quality and light can be less than stellar. They hired a professional photographer. 

I know that the word "authentic" can be over used, however when it comes to marketing your business, being authentic is important. Be proud of what you offer and show your customers exactly what to expect when they come to your store. A professional photo shoot can also give you multiple photos to choose from when posting online or updating your website.

How often should I get professional photos?

This all depends on your business. Some businesses may only need photos taken once a year to update their staff photos and show their space. Other businesses could need photos as often as once a month!

Retail stores with ever changing inventory are a great example of monthly session needs. Having a photographer you pay monthly to come in to your store, photograph the new inventory and have those images to you within 48 hours to start posting is a great asset! It saves you the time of trying to get just the right shot of the new pieces.

Imagine having a photographer who knows you, your store, and your inventory. You could be at market selecting new items while the photographer comes in, photographs what's new this month, and sends you a gallery (in an app for super easy access), all while you are away working to keep inventory fresh. You can then not only share with your followers what's new in the store, you can also preview the finds from market they will see in store soon. Now that's efficient marketing!

Even if you don't need monthly sessions, you may still want fresh professional photos to use throughout the year and having a photographer that knows your business will help save you time during photo sessions no matter how often they occur.


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