It's been quite a year

December 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I’m not sure about you, but for me the end of 2018 has really come up fast. It’s hard to believe that in another few days there are two weeks of holidays and back to the grind. Or at least back to being able to contact people and not get auto-responders all the time. 

For T2S this year has been the best yet. I have not had so many freelance jobs in my 10 years of being a photographer. It was so much fun! Don’t you love those days when you can truly say, “I love my job”? All entrepreneurs should be able to say that at least once a day. That’s why we get into business for ourselves isn’t it? To love what we do every day.

One of the more notable jobs I had this year was taking photos for an auto shop that specializes in transmissions. I learned that not all liquids in your car are black/brown. Transmission fluid is red and should not be brown/black. It looked very creepy laying on the table, felt like something out of Halloween haunted house. It’s experiences like that which make me say “I love my job”! 

I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do. These entrepreneurs are always excited to teach me about their process. They also are great to photograph in action doing what they do best. Seeing people proud of their work and being able to freeze that moment in an image makes me smile just as much as them.

What do you do that makes you smile? Even if it’s a hobby, keep doing it. Let someone in and capture those moments with you. If you think I’m the right photographer to help you freeze those moments and show what makes your business unique let me know. I would be happy to chat on the phone or meet up somewhere to learn more about what you are passionate about.

Have a great rest of 2018 and can’t wait to capture your moments in 2019!  

Ready to get started? Email me at [email protected]  or call 402-557-8600 if you have any questions or are ready to book a session for your business!

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