Do I have to tag my photographer on social media?

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Short answer to this question is probably YES! You might even have to post images with their logo on it (not cropped out) AND tag them. While this is great marketing for the photographer and an easy way to let your friends know who took your family photos, this may not be the best scenario if you are a business owner.

To find out what rights and restrictions you have as to the usage of images from a professional photographer you will want to read your contract. I know it’s not the most fun thing to do, but if you want to argue about watermarks and tagging later, they will point you back to their contract where all of that information is laid out.

questions to ask before posting photosA couple of questions before postingDid you check the contract with your photographer? Can you use the photos for your business?

Tagging your photographer isn’t the only thing you may need to worry about. Most traditional photographers do not allow commercial use of their images. This is usually not an issue for your wedding, newborn, and family photos. Sometimes it can be though if you want to use those photos to grow your brand and audience. This is when you may want to start thinking about a commercial or personal brand photographer.

There are so many talented photographers out there to choose from and each one runs their business a little differently. I want to make sure you understand a little about commercial photography before you pick a photographer for your business.

Traditional commercial photography can be complicated. Pricing structures are typically calculated per photo based on distribution numbers, where and how the photos are used and how long you plan to use the photo. Sometimes that’s hard to determine up front. Another drawback is when you want to use the photo in a medium not outlined in your contract or agreement, you will need to pay the photographer for additional licenses for the new usages. Copyright is a serious thing. 

commercial photographyCommercial PhotographyMore flexibility for business Use the photos for all your business needs

At T2S photography I approach commercial licensing in a way I hope you will find to be easier and refreshing. Every Personal Brand and Commercial photo session includes full commercial use licenses on the photos you select. That’s right! The commercial use license through T2S includes use of your images whenever, wherever, and however you need to use them. 

This makes things so much easier for both of us! You don’t have to track how many views your posts get. I won’t come after you in a year for more money to keep the image up on your social media and website. You won’t need to contact me if you need to print one of the images on a new brochure. The scenarios can go on and on. What I’m trying to say is, this is easier. One price includes the session, images, commercial use licensing on those images, basic color correction, and easy access online gallery to download your images whenever you need them. 

Are you ready to get started? Email me at [email protected] or call 402-557-8600 if you have any questions or are ready to book a session for your business!   

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