The Full Service Experience

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The "Full Service" Experience


It’s time to start valuing the services that a photographer can provide to you. You might start seeing the term “full-service” being applied to the photography industry. This simply means the photo studio you are looking at provides not just the service of taking photos, but the additional services of helping you pick out products to best fit your needs, ordering them for you, and checking over each piece before delivering everything to you.

At T2S, I love providing these extra services for you. It is important that you receive tangible products for your money, not just files that may sit for months before you have time to order them. I also provide this service to ensure color quality of all images.  

Because I care about providing all these services to you with as little hassle as possible, I like to have a conversation by phone before you book a session. I want to make sure you as the client are prepared for the extras that come with your session.

Once you decide to book a session, I will send a contract to you outlining the details of your session, how much money is owed and when, along with some other legal details. This is nothing to be scared of! It’s part of running a legal business (lots of paperwork on my end!).

Before your session I will send you information on what to wear and bring to your session. Making this a smooth process is one of my goals. When the day of your session arrives, you’ll have all the outfits picked out, and I’ll have my batteries charged and ready to go!

Within 4 weeks of your session your Printed Proof Collection will be back from the printer, and we will have a date already on the calendar for me to visit with your proofs and product samples. This is a fun time, with a little reminiscing of the fun we had during the session. When you book a full session, you will already have  spending money for your Ordering Session. This way we can start right in building your Custom Collection.

You can read more about Ordering Sessions and why T2S offers products here.

If you have any questions, or are interested in scheduling a session, please feel free to send an email or call 402-557-8600


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