Fun with Minis

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes all you need is some Mommy & Me time. That’s exactly what we did one evening at the popular photo spot OPPD Arboretum. A little mini session with Bridget and her mom out in the little forest within the city. During this session, I learned that Bridget is not a fan of bugs. She would spot an ant and turn the other way before any of us knew what she saw. Between cuddles with mom and general exploring in nature, this fun young lady forgot I was even there.

With a mini session, we explore a small area and capture as many images as possible in a short amount of time. This mini took a little bit of coaxing to warm Bridget up to the camera, but once her mom started playing her favorite game of hanging upside down, we were on a roll. It was hard to avoid all the critters of this small forest, but we still explored and had a great time.

Fall is fast approaching, and beautiful autumn colors will be showing. This year, T2S will be offering holiday mini sessions that include 25 cards that have been custom designed by Katie. Don’t miss out on getting your one of a kind cards and updated family photo this year. Call us today to schedule your session!

Mommy & Me


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