Booking a Photographer | What do they offer?

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Today you have many options for who will capture your high school senior’s portrait, the choices can be overwhelming!

You may notice that most photographers offer only digital files delivered to you via download, disc, or USB. While this works well for some photographers, I prefer to provide you with tangible products.

I have a serious passion for print mediums, so much so that it’s what I focused on in college. Instead of spending time learning web design, I delved into print media and photography. Because of this, T2S offers a variety of print products for your photos to shine.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard about digital photos just sitting on drives or discs for months or even years. Technology changes so quickly, some of the storage mediums become outdated rapidly. Getting photos on a disc may seem great, but the average laptop doesn’t have a drive to read them anymore. Files and computers can get corrupted fairly easily, and unfortunately, this means your photo memories, too. The goal at T2S is to get those memorable photos printed and into your hands and onto your walls with products that will last well past the life of your computer.

At T2S, we want you to have products that fit best with your decor. This is ART. These are also beautiful keepsakes for generations to come. The paper prints are guaranteed for at least 100 years if treated properly (for instance, displaying an image in your front window because you love it that much will also cause it to degrade and it won’t hold up nearly as long; that’s why we discourage that sort of use of our products.)

I want you to be proud of your purchase. Having new art on the wall to spruce up your home is always exciting. Your brand new memento can also serve as a main subject of conversation with friends and family when they are over to your home. I can also help you find some smaller products that fit well at your desk, or even a mini album to have with you wherever you go. Check out the Customized Art page to see what products I currently offer.

And rest assured, I bring a sample of each product type I sell to your Ordering Session so you can see them in person.

If you have any questions, or are interested in scheduling a session, please feel free to send an email or call 402-557-8600

I look forward to working with you!


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