Photo Lingo

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As you browse around the T2S site, you may run across some terms that are either specific to this company or to the photography industry as a whole. Below are some of the common terms you will find on this site and what they mean.


Custom Collection: This is a combination of any products T2S photography offers for sale. You create a Custom Collection during your ordering session. By purchasing more than one item, I am able to offer you a discount on your Custom Collection. Savings are up to 40% off a la carte prices!

A La Carte: Like items on a restaurant menu, this is a popular little French expression that means "to order things individually." Prices for products ordered on my website are a la carte only. During your Ordering Session, when you put together your Custom Collection, I use a fancy Excel sheet to calculate discounted prices when you order more than one item. After that time, I only offer purchases through my website, which means buying each product at the set price with no additional savings.

Ordering Session: When you book your family or senior photos with T2S, you also book a time within a few weeks for your ordering session. This is when I bring product samples and your printed proofs to your home. Each session comes with credit towards a Custom Collection. You can start looking through the different products and figure out what sizes and textures will best fit your home. This is also a great time to select gifts for family.

Printed Proof Collection: I want you to have something to hold and display right away, which is why I include one 4x6 print of each image from your session. This also makes it easy to arrange images for custom products and keep your favorites on top while you are selecting which photos you'd like to print as enlargements. 

Online Gallery: After your ordering session, I will send you a link to your online gallery. This gallery will have all the images from your Printed Proof Collection. The online gallery is where you can download all of your images with your personal print release. 

Personal Print Release: Digital images with a print release are images you have the ability to print anywhere an unlimited amount of times. T2S photography is not responsible for any quality issues, storage, file corruption or any other problem or loss that may occur from digital files provided by T2S photography.

I pride myself on using the best labs that offer high quality, durable products that will withstand the test of time and offer the best value for the quality. Currently I order products from 5 different labs, depending on what they do best. I can rely on them to turn around products quickly so you can have your final order in 2-3 weeks.  


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