Choosing a Photographer | What's your style?

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey there! Welcome to the T2S photography blog. This post is about choosing a photographer who’s right for you. I’m glad you made it to my website; this means there was something on here, even if it’s just this post, that caught your attention. So let’s begin finding out if T2S or another photography studio is right for you.

The first thing I always ask someone who wants to book is this: “What style of photos are you looking for?” Let me explain a little. When I ask this, what I really want to know is: Are you looking for a rigidly posed photo in a studio with everyone wearing matching shirts? Or are you looking for a more candid “in the moment” photo where everyone is coordinated, and they all seem to be having fun? If you answered “yes” to the first question, I’m not going to be the right photographer for you. On the other hand, I love it when a potential client answers “Yes!” to the second question. T2S strives to be a more fun and candid photo studio. Capturing moments with your family so you can all remember how things are right now, how everyone interacts together--this is what I want you to have captured forever.

After we’ve established my style is a good fit, I ask, “What expectations do you have for your session with me?” For example, are you excited to see what products I have to offer for your new images to be printed on? Do you want to build your own collection of customized products to hang on your walls or share with family? Or do you just want another disc/USB to throw into a drawer and forget about for 6 months? If you are screaming, "YES! That last one! I love just sitting on images for months!" ... well, T2S probably won’t be the photography studio for you. I really love helping you get tangible products from your session, but if that’s not your thing, that’s ok, there are many other photography studios who will better suit your needs.

Hopefully you found this somewhat helpful in your quest for a photographer. The short version: If you want a fun, relaxed, authentic session showing you and your family, T2S photography might be the right place for you!

Excited to schedule your session or have some questions? Please feel free to send an email or call 402-557-8600.


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