Hi I'm Katie! This is the page where I talk about myself...a lot. 


What I photograph: "A day in the life" of businesses and professionals and food. I want to help people looking to update (and improve) the images being used to market themselves or their businesses. Grainy, blurry cell phone pictures do not stand out from the crowd anymore. Use professional images to STOP THE SCROLL. The sort of images I refresh include food and flowers to details of products, and of course portraits for professionals wanting to update their online profiles and enhance their personal brand. 

Education: In 2019 I became a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). This certification follows the standards for certification established by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence.

I also photograph: High school seniors. I remember my photo session for my senior year, I even bought the house the studio was in. (That's a conversation for another day). The time between high school and adulthood is so unique. You live in this bubble of being able to try out so many things in a 4 year time then launch out into the world to do one (or more) of those things, or learn something completely new. I encourage seniors to bring props that commemorate what is meaningful, right now, what needs to be saved forever to look back on and possibly have a good chuckle.  


Editing for you: I also enjoy enhancing photos. I have edited vacation photos for friends and family, sometimes it is possible to give a photo that extra "pop" that will make you say "I took that?!"


The name: T2S photography was inspired by a game night team name. My cousin came up with it because he and Mike are over 6 feet, most days I'm just over 5. So T2S is really Tall to Short. I thought it would be a great name for my husband and I to work under and my cousin gave his blessing to use it!


If you have gotten this far please reach out and say hi!

A couple personal tidbits about Katie:
- I used to be in 4-H
- I have 2 cats—Coco Puff and Pumpkin—they can't stand each other
- I love paper
- I've never had a nickname :(
- I'm the youngest of 3
- I have a crafting blog, food blog, and TV blog

- Photography bucket list: be the behind the scenes still photographer on a movie set (if that is even a thing)

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About photo taken by my cousin Rhonda Brunson.

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